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half__jack's Journal

I let you win.
24 March
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please add noxiously if you still wish to read about my boring life. :)


(hed)pe, a perfect circle, abk, acid rap, alcohol, american history x, anybody killa, apc, art, ashlee simpson, babes in toyland, beer, big money hustlas, biting, blaze ya dead homie, blood, boys, britney spears, brody armstrong, broken toys, bruises, care bears, carnivals, charmed, chinese food, christina aguilera, cigarettes, clowns, colton grundy, cotton candy, creativity, daisy chainsaw, dane cook, dark lotus, degrassi, dresden dolls, dyed hair, electrical tape, exhibitionism, eyeliner, garbage, girls, glitter, graphics, halloween, handcuffs, hate in the box, hok, hoodies, icp, ivy valentine, jack off jill, jackass, jake gyllenhaal, jamie madrox, jeff hardy, jenna jameson, jimmy urine, jumpsteady, justin theroux, kidney thieves, kill hannah, kottonmouth kings, lyrics, make-up, marz, melissa auf der maur, mindless self indulgence, movies, mr bones, my bloody valentine, my little pony, nicole blackman, nip/tuck, no doubt, orgy, otep, ottos daughter, peircings, photography, pigtails, pink, placebo, poetry, popples, project deadman, psychopathic records, queen adreena, rainbow brite, rainbow land, rainbows, rose mcgowan, saturday night live, scarling, scratching, seven year bitch, shopping, six feet under, skittles, sleeping, snake river conspiracy, sourpuss clothing, sprites, stars, strawberry shortcake, suicide girls, talking shit, tattoos, teasing, tech n9ne, the bambino boyz, the distillers, the dresden dolls, the oblongs, the powerpuff girls, twiztid, vnv nation, vodka, zug izland